Birmingham escort Cleo

Birmingham escort Cleo

The lovely Birmingham escort Cleo works with the escort agency known as Erotic, which is also based in Birmingham. It is said that there are not too many good photographers, like us, in the city, therefore, many escort girls and their agencies travel down to us to get the best quality images available to them.

Cleo is a nineteen year old girl who is originally from Romania. We weren’t sure whether there would be some communication issues with her before she arrived. Then, upon meeting her we realised that she was a very friendly girl who spoke absolutely perfect English. However, also spoke to a very high level. Sounding educated, intelligent and being a very down to earth, easy going girl with a friendly personality and a good sense of humour.

Apparently, in regard to her clients, escort Cleo is known for being the go to girl for those who want a lively escort to party with. She is said to be very fun and bubbly. Which we can certainly say from our dealing with her was the case.

Birmingham escort girl Cleo opted for a five hour session and we opened the studio especially for her on a Sunday, as she works most days of the week and was only free on this day.

The best part about Cleo, was her creativity within the session. Most escorts rely on us to come up with the ideas of what to do. However, Cleo brought a load of her own ideas to the table and for the first time ever, we had an escort for a photo session who did not want to use our own studio lingerie, underwear and accessories. She brought all of her own and even done her own hair and make-up.

One of the ideas that we liked most, was that there was a large mansion which was open to weddings and events, which we hired for the day and had full, private use of. So, we were able to get some very different photographs of her in an environment which we had never used before. Which, to us, was very exciting. Getting to play with lighting and having the most stunning escort ever as our model, which of course, made it very easy for us to photograph her. When you look from every angle, you just cannot get a bad photograph of this Birmingham escort! We are sure that the clients of Birmingham are extremely happy when they see her in person!

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