Bristol escort Sienna Delamar

A few months ago, around early August of 2018. We got to have a 10 hour marathon photo shoot with the Bristol escort Sienna Delamar. Whose name we are totally in love with *Emoji with love heart eyes*.

If we are truly honest, this ladies beauty is unlike any other. She is a high class, international escort who is based in Bristol and it is indeed no wonder that men all around the world are spellbound by this stunning escort girl and want to be with her.

Sienna Delamar opted for a portfolio of photographs that combined both coloured and black and white images together for a diverse escort portfolio of many different types of images. Which was very exciting for us to do. We love working with ladies who enjoy creativity and diversity like we do.

As you can see from the photographs we selected to use from her portfolio, she has an absolutely perfect figure and a beautiful face, for sure. As well as long blonde hair, voluptuous lips and eyes that are truly alluring with their beauty.

As you can imagine, being an independent escort in London, she essentially runs her own business and is therefore, a professional, classy and charming lady who exudes allure and perfection. In our opinion and most clients’ opinions, she is everything a woman should be. Coming across as any man’s dream woman. You will certainly want to keep her to yourself and take her home once meeting her in person. I mean, I’m a woman and i think i fell in love with her a little!

The best thing about having the pleasure of photographing her, was that she was the most perfect model, from our perspective. We just couldn’t take a bad photograph of her. Allowing us to explore new poses, combinations of accessories and more!

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